The glass longsword Surchek

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The glass longsword Surchek <red glow>
The longsword is made from a clear glass material. It is about four feet long and has a grip about the size that would fit a human sized person comfortably. The grip is carefully wrapped in an emerald colored cloth that has been cross woven neatly to ensure a firm hold of the weapon without slipping. The hilt is made from the same glass material as the blade and includes swirling colors that can be seen if held up to the light. The pommel is a large globe and is also made of the same glass material as the rest of the blade. Perhaps the globe is used to knock some on the head with in combat.
It contains a tale;
Che Won-do was a master artisan created what he later described as his 'children'. The two brother Seryok and Surchek in reality were two glass swords. Che Won-do poured so much of his time and energy creating these artifacts that it was his last breath that magically transformed them into the weapons they are today. One of power and one of finesse. Che thought that these two ideals should go hand in hand to defeat one's enemies. The location of his 'children' has long been lost until now. It seems you have located one of the blades!
Weapon type: longsword
Stats: +5 dex, +7 dex if wielding Seryok too, +infravision
It looks Light weight (1.7 kg)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called Missing handles
Made of laen
Size: Missing size
Quality: exceptional
From: Massive iron statue, Caverns of Undying
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown