The legendary falchion called Kan Chiang

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the legendary falchion called Kan Chiang <red glow>
A beautiful, thin lotus flower ornament has been etched on the shining white blade of this ancient weapon. The hilt is made from bone, wrapped in smooth, comfortable leather string. The end of the hilt has been carved to resemble a very serious looking oriental man.
It contains a tale;
In the ancient empire of Wu, Kan Chiang and Mo Yeh worked together as swordsmiths. They both had had the same teacher and Mo Yeh was the wife of Kan Chiang. The emperor of Wu ordered two swords from them and that is why Kan Chiang collected the iron from the five mountains and the gold from six directions. He studied the earth and the skies, and the yin and yang shone together. A hundred spirits descended to see the creation, the mist disappeared but the gold and steel refused to melt. Kan Chiang couldn't understand the reason for that and Mo Yeh said to him: 'You have excellent skills in metallurgy and casting and the king has ordered you to create the swords. Three months has passed and you haven't finished them. What do you think is the problem?'. Kan Chiang replied: 'I don't understand the reason for this'. Mo Yeh said: 'Then it is so that a godly change needs mortals to become true. Who we need to complete the swords?'. Then Kan Chiang answered: 'Long ago, my master casted the metal. Gold and iron refused to melt and he stepped into foudry with his wife, and only then it succeeded. Until today have the casters always descended from the mountains and wrapped the cast into parfumerized hemp, and only after that they have dared to throw the gold to smelter. I am creating the sword in the mountains and the change doesn't happen.' Mo Yeh replied: 'The master knew that it is necessary to melt the body to complete the job. It is no problem for me to sacrifice myself.' After she said that she cut her hair and her nails and threw them into the smelter. She ordered three hundred boys to use the bellows, and the gold and the iron melt. The male falchion was named Kan Chiang and the female falchion was named Mo Yeh.
Weapon type: falchion
Stats: +slightly long blades, +slightly dam, +cold dam
It looks Heavy (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: 438k
It is called kan chiang and identified as 'falchion', 'sword', 'blade' and 'kan chiang'
Made of 10% bone, 18% gold, 70% steel, 2% leather
Size: smallish
Quality: poor
From: Captain Matchstick, aka Jurgen the impaler, VotK
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown