The skull flail

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The skull flail <red glow>
Cold chills streak down your spine when you examine the ghastly skull flail. The haft of the flail is the immense bone of some hellish creature. The bone must have been the creature's forearm because a taloned claw is still attached to it. Instead of spiked balls, five fanged animal skulls are linked to the haft by iron chains. You feel the presence of some malign force within the weapon.
Weapon type: flail
Stats: +asphyxiation damage
It looks Heavy (8.699 kg)
Sacvalue: 974k
It is called skull flail and identified as 'flail'.
Made of Zhentorium
Size: smallish
Quality: good
From: Tsapharani, Corabandor
Compares between: Nightfall and Xormor