The supreme urvile loremaster rests in his cave

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This is the supreme urvile loremaster. His blazing blue scales wrap elegantly around his body and his large black snout conveys more wisdom than you thought would be possible. His limbs ripple with corded muscle, yet his fingers are delicate.
Supreme loremaster's equipment:

Finger: ring of the Stars

Spells: blast lightning, shocking grasp, dispel good, disintegrate
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Foul's Creche
Alignment: evil
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: 79k - 105k
Other info: Supposedly casts disintegrate, but the chance seems to be extremely low. Comment by Ecky 12.08.2018: Can confirm this, he does cast it, it was seen last week. Not sure if he needs to be turbo or smthng, as the party wimpied.