The sword of Divine Glory (blessed)

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The sword of Divine Glory (blessed) <humming> <red glow>
The sword, almost five feet long, is made of the most clear material you have ever seen. Its transparent blade, standing a proud four feet, reflects every shard of light that hits it into a million different patterns. The hilt is beautifully crafted of the finest of ivory making it into a piece of art by itself. The emblem of the Amberley family, the ankh, is engraved upon it. Looking upon the sword gives you an eerie feeling as it seems to radiate an outwordly goodness. The blade has 'For valour in service' engraved on it as well.
It contains a tale;
Krakh watched in horror as his equally foul brother Grukh's blood splattered against the walls. Henry grinned and gave Krakh an unpleasently confident look. Krakh knew his days were finished, but before Henry did anything he aimed his divine sword at Grukh's lifeless body. The corpse disintegrated instantly while the sword bursted with divinity.
Weapon type: 2h sword
Stats: +magical damage, +hit & special 'aim' at corpses of wicked creatures
It looks A bit heavy (4.5 kg)
Sacvalue: ~857k
It is called sword and identified as 'the sword of divine glory', 'sword of divine glory', 'divine sword', '2h' and 'sword'
Made of chrysoberyl
Size: medium-sized
Quality: good
From: Henry Amberley, Brimshire
Compares between: the Blade of Death and the snow white Blade of Quickness