Theology of darkness

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Help file
Skill duration: random
Type of skill: arcane
Affecting stats: Wis.
It uses 0 endurance points.
The story is told from father to son. It's a story that is believed to have

happened sometime nearing the end of the Mosaic era. It was the time of the unrest that eventually led to witch hunts during which many innocent people lost their lives. One of these people that survived was Sawar of Taegor, who personally witnessed a very powerful intervention by Draen-Dalar. The story tells that Sawar was surrounded by people who wanted to burn him alive, when the sky turned to black and it started raining soot. Suddenly the torches the mob was carrying burned out and people started collapsing down until there was only a single person standing. That person was Sawar who had been praying for guidance from the god he was worshipping. Even this day, the Dark Gods are known to protect and grant power to their worshippers. It is also often the case that only the most influential members of the congregation get to have the access to study what is considered the most crucial of doctrines, the Theology of Darkness. This doctrine makes it easier to understand the whims of gods in their prayers.

List of things that enhance or grant access to this skill:

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