Tides of war

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Level: 83 Difficulty: challenging Creator: Runeaxe

Two isles, on each a different society, living at the verge of war. The situation is growing tense, although both sides possess formidable military might, either have yet to launch a first strike.

The leader of the west society, Hammerhorn, is a stern dwarf taught to hate their eastern counterpart from birth.

The eastern leader of Bloodfall is a ruthless minotaur sworn to crush and conquer.

Strangely, they are wise enough to believe that the total annihiliation of both societies would be imminent shortly after the first arrow flies.

The realm is at balance - terror balance.

The evil reptile God of Harming; Burglefloogah, would like nothing more than to disrupt this balance and throw the realm into full scale war - a state of complete chaos.

But something is holding him back, something as powerful as he, an ancient power influencing the leaders and upholding the stability - the balance.

The stage is set. If whoever it is upholding the balance were to be cast away, all it would need is a few mortals to create ripples in the water... and the tides of war shall be set forth.