Vampiric blow

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Help file
Skill duration: 3
Type of skill: special skill.
Affecting stats: Str/Dex.
It uses 27 endurance points.
The followers of Kharim use this offensive skill to leech health from their opponents and transfer it to their own bodies. While any weapon is good enough to inflict damage, a chaos sword is needed to get the full benefit the vampiric act of draining.
List of things that enhance or grant access to this skill:

  • Unlike in the old Lords of Chaos guild, Vampiric blow is not meant to be the primary offensive skill of Kharims. It gives you hp and ep on successful use, but on the downside it has a cooldown period. Length of the cooldown depends on your skill percentage.
  • With 100% skill the cooldown period is 8 minutes 20 seconds.