A brooch decorated with a blood-red ruby

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The brooch is dominated by a large ruby that is embedded on a silver setting. The ruby shines with radiant power and it almost feels like it pulses slowly, growing larger and then shrinking to a smaller size regularly.
It contains a tale;
The ruby brooch is a gift from the released unicorns. It is said to contain some of the fury and rage of their former captor, the Red Bull.
Armour type: scarab
Stats: +3 dam & +5% vampiric blow
It looks Light weight (1.01 kg)
Sacvalue: 447k
It is called brooch and identified as 'ruby', 'ruby brooch', 'red ruby brooch', 'a brooch decorated with a blood-red ruby', 'brooch decorated with a blood-red ruby' and 'scarab'
It takes the following slot: Amulet
Made of: ruby
Size: very small
Quality: shoddy
From: Red bull, Midnight Carnival