White Pudding

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Area Difficulty Creator
Old Copper Mine Not Very Hard Corto
Atinar the Satyr folklorist has a keen interest on all gelatinous beings, particularly the group of species classified as puddings. He had been reading all the books he managed to find about the subject and he travelled several times to the mines of western Laenor to study the puddings in their natural habitat.

One evening he was draining beer in 'Deep One' at Tyr Farwyn and heard an interesting account from a bard friend of his. According to it the bard had stumbled into an old, abandoned copper mine in his mountaineering adventures. Atinar was just about to fall asleep, but immediately woke up when the bard mentioned puddings in a subordinate clause of his story. The bard said that, there were puddings of strange colours living in that mine he had found. The bard also mumbled something about 'a white pudding' several times before passing out completely. Atinar sobered up instantly and managed not waste a second more waiting for the bard to wake up and tell him about the details. He wished forgiveness for his friend's hangover and rushed out of the pub as fast as he could.

Try to find Atinar and find out whether he has found what he was looking for and assist him as best as you can on his mission. Atinar's colleagues in the folklorist guild might know exactly where he was heading to.