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The Wolfbane Elite Commando
Str: 76 Dex: 72 Con: 89
Int: 60 Wis: 60 Size: 65
Skill max: 85% Skill cost: 73,3%
Spell max: 78% Spell cost: 61,1%
Exp rate: 100
Wolfman is a race of humanoids that have the head and paws of wolf.

They are still partly human in appearance and this is said to suggest their origin as either cursed humans or a result of the magical experiments of some mad mage. Wolfmen have been subjected to many prejudicies. Their state has been said to be a punishment for their sins unspeakable, but this statement has been dropped after the great elf/orc war during which the wolfmen aided elves by tracking down and terminating many orcish raiding parties. After the war wolfmen have been generally accepted in adventuring parties even though they aren't trusted with the leadership of parties. Being creatures of the wild they shun fire.

  • They regenerate damage at average speed.
  • They regenerate magic points at average speed.
  • They can see in the dark.
  • They can eat corpses.
  • They can sometimes escape death.
  • They have good vision.
  • To the list of NPCs of the race Wolfman

If their fur gets caught in fire, they will flee in terror.