16 edged hard leather whip tipped with highsteel razorblades

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16 edged hard leather whip tipped with highsteel razorblades (glowing) <strongly burning>
The whip has a mithril shaft, from where several leather whips tipped with sharp highsteel razorblades hang out. Many a innocent creature has fallen victim to this hellish creation.
It contains a tale;
Crafted by Asmodeus, this whip was one of the prizes in a bloody tournament. The winner should go on to rule a great dungeon lair, establishing another fortress dedicated to chaos. Among the ranks of corrupt arch beings, arose a great balrog which through slaughter gained the status of champion and the new ruler of the prize lair.
Weapon type: whip
Stats: +fire damage, +hit, +special
It looks A bit heavy (2.950 kg)
Sacvalue: ~1284800 (info from eq.batmudder.com, needs verification)
It is called whip and identified as 'leather whip', 'hard leather whip', '16 edged hard leather whip', 'whip tipped with highsteel razorblades' and 'whip'
Made of 30% mithril, 15% highsteel, 55% leather
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Balrog, Hack
Compares between: a hammer blessed by the All-father and The Nasty Triple-Edged Axe known as 'Axe of Brantis'