A hammer blessed by the All-father

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A hammer blessed by the All-father <shocking> <red glow>
This craftsman's tool is made of highsteel. It is carved with strange runes and symbols. A feeling of delicate power contained within the hammer comes to your mind. Probably with this instrument, items of the highest quality could be created. Or bloody carnage if the wielder so wished.
Weapon type: warhammer
Stats: +electric damage, +insignificantly electric resistance
It looks Heavy (5,6 kg)
Sacvalue: 377k
It is called blessed hammer and identified as 'hammer', 'highsteel hammer' and 'warhammer'
Made of highsteel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: sterling
From: Ilmarinen the smith in Kalevala and Santa Claus in December.
Compares between: Rust Claw the holy hammer / sword of wonders / the sabre 'green death' and Snickersnack the battle axe / The famous sword called 'The Preserver' / athame of severing