A band of frost and ice

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a band of frost and ice <red glow>
It is a simple looking ring made of ice and frost. The ring has some kind of internal radiance and since it is made of ice it feels very cold to the touch.
Armour type: ring
Stats: +max Spr, -max Hpr
It looks Very light weight (0.05 kg)
Sacvalue: 905-977k
It is called the ring of frost and identified as 'ring', 'ring of frost', 'ring of ice', 'ring of frost and ice', 'band', 'band of ice', 'band of frost', 'ringband of frost', 'ringband of ice' and 'ring of Xarithos'
It takes the following slot: Finger
Made of: ice
Size: Missing size
Quality: superb
From: Xarithos, Misty Forest
Other info: Does damage when worn.