A black full plate with a skull emblem

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A black full plate with a skull emblem. The helmet is an imitation of a hideous demon head with long silvery horns. The breast has an silvery skull emblem decorated on it and the knees and the elbows also have small silvery skulls attached to them as decoration. The plate is a fine piece of work, very precisely forged. And there's a lot of leather straps to make it fit perfectly.
Armour type: full plate
Stats: Arguably +8 dam which seems to be the common assumption, sacvalue would indicate +5 though.
It looks Very heavy (17,6 kg)
Sacvalue: 926-936k
It is called black full plate and identified as 'black full plate', 'full plate', 'black plate' and 'plate'
It takes the following slots: Head, neck, torso, legs, feet, arms & hands
Made of: highsteel
Size: HUGE
Quality: exceptional
From: Naggaroth, Savage coast