A black scaly finger guard, made of thorns (burned)

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The thorns twist and turn around eachother in a sharp curve, forming a seemingly painful finger guard to wear. The twists and turns of the thorns are too intricate to have been able to be made by a craftsman. It is a freak of nature, or rather it was compelled to grow in such a way intentionally by a god like magic weaver.
It contains a tale;
A gift from Burglefloogah, to the most devious pack of mortals on the side of chaos; (creator names here).
Armour type: finger guard
Stats: +5 con, ~greatly acid resistance, +resistance against poisoning, +banish player special, requires Tides of war quest to wear
It looks Very light weight (0.05 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.10-1.11m
It is called finger guard and identified as 'scaly finger guard', 'black scaly finger guard', 'guard', 'finger guard, made of thorns', 'black scaly finger guard, made of thorns' and 'finger guard'.
It takes the following slot: Finger
Made of: ebony
Size: tiny
Quality: poor
From: LQ83: tides of war
Other info: Requires Tides of war quest to wear.

'undo <player>' for banish special, must be worn to work.
"You can not undo yourself, your parents are to blame."