A commander of the leech-kind

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This nasty-looking creature is one of the most feared tools of terror that the leech-kind possesses. Armed with devastating mental powers, as well as with great dexterity and speed, this commander of elite soldiers is trained from birth to cause havoc and terror among the enemies of the leech-kind. Its sole purpose is to suck your blood and soul, and lay waste your very mind. The commander is clad in dark robes that cover its repulsive, worm-like body.
Psionic commander's equipment:

Neck, both legs and upper body: A cotton robe

Wielded in right claw: A cruel blade made of dark crystal <strongly shimmering> <red glow>

Spells: psychic shout
Skills: Does not have skills
Area: Millie's nightmare
Alignment: evil
Race: Leech
Exp worth: 61k - 63k