A small, midnight black glass orb

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A small, midnight black glass orb <red glow>
This small, pitch black orb is merely about one inch in diameter. Its matt, smooth surface has no markings or symbols whatsoever. A hair-thin thread is somehow attached to it, in order to allow its bearer to use it as a necklace of some sort. Solely by looking at it, one cannot say what purpose it has been created for.
It contains a tale;
The orb, "Necorp's Eye", is a peculiar kind of magic item: it makes its wearer a seer of weak spots in their victim's behaviour. A malicious charm, the Eye allows one to inflict more pain in many ways. Lord Necorp created it to help him to overbear and suppress his foes on his quest for sovereign rulership of the Leech-folk and other peoples.
Armour type: necklace
Stats: Different versions are known to exist, at least these have been seen:
  • +5% stun & +4(?) dam
  • +4% tumbling attack & +4 dam
  • +4% enhance criticals & +moderate dam
It looks very light weight (0.12 kg)
Sacvalue: 535k (5stun, 4?dam), 809k (4 ecrits, mod dam)
It is called Necorp's Eye and identified as 'orb', 'glass', 'glass orb', 'black orb', 'eye', 'necorp's eye' and 'necklace'
It takes the following slot: Neck
Made of: glass
Size: extremely small
Quality: great
From: Lord Necorp, the leech Mindcrafter