A vial containing the tears of Oxtoth (holy)

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a vial containing the tears of Oxtoth (holy)
A small vial with just a few drops of a glowing yellow liquid that radiate light. A red ribbon makes you able to wear it around your neck.
It contains a tale;
Many millenia ago Oxtoth descended down to the realms of mortal men. His quest given by Draen-Dalar was to strengthen the following among the ever changing world of the mortal world to gain an upper hand in the eternal struggle against Light. As Oxtoth's shadowy hands did the deed of corrupting thousands and thousands of the weak hearted, his glance noticed a sight that for the first time in eons managed to pierce through to the utter blackness of his heart. Oxoth the God of Decay had fallen in love, love that he did not share even with Sa'hr when she still was his bride.

The subject of his love was the fairest maiden of the elven forest where he at the moment trod. The maiden was also the high priestess in the temple of Las and the favored one of the God of Justice. As soon as she and her companions detected Oxtoth approaching, she wailed a paniced prayer towards the God of Law. As Oxtoth touched reached to touch the fair skin of the beautiful priestess, she withered into mere puddle of black ooze and foul smelling dust.

Oxoth was in anguish and his cry of anger echoed thorough the lands. Then he slumped down and burst into tears. For the first and last time the blackness of his heart was cast away. Las came to investigate the source of the prayer he heard and as he saw the situation he quickly instructed the other priests of the temple to collect the flowing tears of Oxtoth. The tears still contained the drained soul of the fairest priestess of Las that Oxtoth destroyed in his brief emotion of love. Thus this vial contains the essence of love and epitome of justice, even though the origin is from a vile god of decay.

Armour type: wand
Stats: +max Spr, +5% Power of faith
It looks A bit heavy (2.020 kg)
Sacvalue: at least 1.58m and 2.17m versions exist
It is called tears of Oxtoth and identified as 'tears', 'vial', 'tears of oxtoth', 'necklace', 'relic' and 'wand'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: laen
Size: very small
Quality: exceptional
From: Felidae, Savage coast
Other info: Versions with different sacvalues exist. New versions have smaller sacvalue. No actual difference has been noted between 1.58m & 2.17m versions, when tested with identify relic and spider touch.

Nun stats on 1.58m and 2.17m versions:

  • Prot power: great
  • Dispel power: great/awesome
  • Holy power: awesome