Amazon bodyguard practicing her new moves on you

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Tazla is the Grand Master Alchemist's bodyguard. She likes to wander around the tower practicing her moves on any intruder stupid enough to come to look the tower. She is a gorgeous blonde amazon who moves with incredible speed and grace. Her special maneuvers are infamous among the magi and healers of the Bat Realms and she demonstrates them gladly.
Tazla the amazon bodyguard's equipment:

Torso: black shiny breastplate
Wielded in left claw: star shaped shield
Wielded in right claw: a slightly curved bastard sword

Spells: Does not cast spells
Skills: Does not have skills
Area: Alchemist tower in Misty Forest
Alignment: evil
Race: human
Exp worth: 12k - 27k
Aggressive: yes