An emerald battleaxe ^*Wyrmnjirl*^

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an emerald battleaxe ^*Wyrmnjirl*^ (glowing) <caustic> <red glow>
A two feet haft carved and shaped out of an emerald is attached into a wicked, double-bladed edge made also of emerald. This axe is shimmering with internal, greenish light and its obviously full of enchantments. Both blades of the axe are razor-sharp and no-doubt they have been enchanted to resist blunting. You notice faint trail of smoke rising from the twin blades of the axe and closer examination reveals them being coated with thin layer of pitch-black paste which are creating the smoke. You are certain that this axe is very old, perhaps even ancient, yet there are no visible scratches or dents.
Weapon type: battleaxe
Stats: +hit, +damage, +acid damage
It looks A bit heavy (2.200 kg)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called an emerald battleaxe ^*Wyrmnjirl*^ and identified as 'battleaxe' and 'axe'.
Made of emerald
Size: smallish
Quality: Missing quality
From: G'naa'Byeh, Small meadow
Compares between: Battleaxe of the Barbarian Lords and Fire Diamond Battleaxe