Area level limits

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Areas with level limit. If area is marked as level limit 30, you can still get in at level 30.

Area Continent Level limit Other info
Häirikkö Forest Desolathya 30
Chessboard Laenor 35 or so? Only small part of the area has level limit.
Newbie Mines Laenor 30
Arelium dungeons Laenor 35 Parts of the area.
Conifer Forest Laenor 50
Gnomish Airship Laenor 50 Higher level players take psionic damage in the area every now and then.
Fraggle Village Lucentium 50
Great Central Desert Lucentium Unknown Only concerns the newbie section.

Areas with level limiting blocker at entrance.

Area Continent Level limit Other info
School of Lumine Laenor 50 Summon/relo allowed
Village of Stouby Laenor 50 No summon area
Secladin Laenor 30 or so? No summon area
Butterfly farm Laenor Unknown