Buckthorn valley

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General description:
Location on Desolathya:
(whereami: 188x, 387y)
On Jeskko's map
Southwestern part, among the lakes
Coder: Noctur
Size (in rooms): 36+
Map of the area:
                 |   Buckthorn
               0 0    Village
               | |
Pasture        0 0-(path)
0--0           0=0-0
|  |            /  |
0--0           /   0=?      0
|  |\         /            /
0  0 0-------0----------0-0  Forest
             |          | |
             0          0-0-0
            /           | |
       	   0            0-0
           |            |/
       entrance         0

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A diamond pixie drake 19k no
A huge red and green plant with many slimy, tentacle-like leaves 45k - 68k
A magnificent sun falcon 17k
A ruby pixie drake 7k (a lot exp) no
A sapphire pixie drake 7k (well above average exp) drake neutral no
A small pixie drake 2k no
A weary goblin traveller is having a pint 5.2k - 6.5k
An emerald pixie drake 8k - 37k drake neutral no
An odd, nasty-looking spider spins its web here 22k
Eirik Buckthorn, the chieftain of the region 168k - 200k human
Gedh Moonsickle, a magus clad in black robes 45k - 81k human
Gothe Hawkeye, the leader of the Mountainfolk 118k
Lucye, the herald of Tarkh the Stoneheart 22k - 51k human



A quasi-dangerous place where worms pop up from the ground periodically and the occasional large vine plant will add itself to your combats.

Buckthorn Village