Transparent flickering glove

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You shift the glove within your field of vision in amazement. The rhytmic pulsing and flickering of the power within mesmerizes you. You can see organic shapes shifting, turning, fighting and eating each other. There seems to be everlasting struggle of atomic forces in the microcosmos of the glove. You are a bit reluctant to try on the glove.
It contains a tale;
This glove was gathered from the remains of the Spirit of Domgroth. Best of channellers had to issue layers upon layers of protective enchantements over this item to contain the evil still entrapped within. Some are so sensitive to the strong magic contained in the protective spells that they cannot even wear this glove. This wasn't the only side effect thou. The other can be quite beneficial. When testing their accoplishments, the channellers noticed that some of their natural abilities were cast into this glove also. Anyone who is able to wear this glove may try to unify they parties powers to one specific person. One can properly control only one of these gloves at a time.
Command: 'glove unify <hp/sp/ep> at <player>'
Armour type: glove
Stats: +1? spr, +1? hpr, +special
It looks Very light weight (0.050 kg)
Sacvalue: 156k
It is called glove and identified as 'glove', 'flickering glove' and 'transparent glove'.
It takes the following slot: Hand
Made of: 5% ice, 15% air, 80% enchanted air
Size: extremely small
Quality: Missing quality
From: Domgroth, Domgroth's Mansion