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A sleeved mail coat is a simple long chainmail with sleeves. It will provide
decent protection for a large part of your body, covering the torso,
arms and legs. It is made like a chainmail, with interlocking rings. It is
supple and allows for movement, with the weight of the rings being the only

Slot(s):                                torso, legs, arms
Size:                                   large

Protection against:
 cut                                    very good
 stab                                   very good
 bash                                   very good
 other                                  fine

List by type: banded plate, battlesuit, chain mail, elfin chain mail, field plate, full plate, mail coat, mail shirt, o-yoroi, padded armour, robe, robes, scale mail, shirt, sleeved coat, sleeved mail coat, splint mail and studded armour.

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