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Splint  mail is  a variant of  banded mail in which the  metal  strips  are
applied vertically to the backing of chain,  leather,  or cloth rather than
horizontally as in banded mail.  Since the  human body does not  swivel  in
mid-torso as much as it flexes back to front,  splint  mail is  more  rest-
rictive in battle.

Splint mail is to banded mail as scale mail is to brigandine -  splint mail
is the style of the  earlier and  less efficient armoring techniques.  Much
like scale  and ring mail  (q.v.),  splint mail  will be used  by the  less
advanced cultures and poorer warriors. Its relatively low street price in a
western campaign  when compared  to banded mail  and even chain  is due  to
the fact that few western warriors  will even touch  a set of  splint  mail
unless they are destitute or desperate.

The protection splint mail affords  is equivalent to  that of  banded mail,
but it is much more  fatiguing to wear  in a lengthy  battle.  Furthermore,
broken splints tend to work  inward toward the  wearer in the  course of  a
battle. More than a few warriors have found themselves painfully cut across
the ribs when  broken  banded mail would have  merely  shifted  up or down.
Maintenance problems  for splint mail are otherwise the same as for  banded

For characters with a light purse,  splint mail can be picked up in seedier
armor shops.  Its price makes  it ideal for adventurers  who want the extra
bit of protection over chain mail.

Slot(s):                                head, neck, torso, legs, arms, hands
Size:                                   large

Protection against:
 cut                                    fair
 stab                                   fair
 bash                                   very good
 other                                  fair

List by type: banded plate, battlesuit, chain mail, elfin chain mail, field plate, full plate, mail coat, mail shirt, o-yoroi, padded armour, robe, robes, scale mail, shirt, sleeved coat, sleeved mail coat, splint mail and studded armour.

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