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Consider can either mean the command that does instant, very rough power level estimate about the target or the skill that takes bit longer but is more accurate.


Syntax: consider <target>

Consider your opponent's prowess in battle, compared to yourself. This functions like the consider skill except it doesn't give any details, only a rough overall estimate.


Level, damage absorption, power and defensive comparisons, from easiest to hardest:

  • get out your cross and shovel!
  • you can consider yourself superior.
  • you have a clear advantage.
  • this shouldn't be a problem.
  • you have a slight disadvantage.
  • you have a disadvantage.
  • you have no chance whatsoever.
  • you ARE MAD.
  • HAH! Read your prayers!

Note: pending verification, most likely slightly in wrong order.

Exp tune, from worst to best:

  • almost no
  • very little
  • some
  • below average
  • average
  • above average
  • well above average
  • a lot

Note: monsters that have never been killed are by default in 'well above average' tune.

Final estimation, from easiest to hardest:

  • weaker than a butterfly.
  • seems to be really easy.
  • doesn't look very dangerous.
  • looks reasonably competent.
  • looks like a fair opponent.
  • looks quite skilled, beware.
  • much stronger than you, beware.
  • has such bulging muscles that your hands tremble.
  • is extremely dangerous, beware.
  • [opponent]'s power overwhelms your mind! you PANIC!! You are shaking and very scared of [opponent]. You make a small puddle on the floor.
  • Do note that 80% consider skill is enough to see all the information available, there is not much reason to train it above that.
Help file
Skill duration: 1
Type of skill: special skill.
Affecting stats: none.
It uses 10 endurance points.
Many an adventurer would attest that the best fight is one that leans heavily in your own favor, and everyone knows the best way to stack a fight in your own favor is to simply pick an opponent that you can handle with ease.

Of course another general rule is that looks aren't everything. And while this is a good rule to follow, by looking for the right things and using a good amount of discretion and judgement, one can sometimes get a fair estimate of a potential opponent's ability. Being able to look for the right things, beyond that first glance, is an art.

List of things that enhance or grant access to this skill: