Bearers of the True Rot

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All that is mortal will one day decay and wither, and join the waste armies of the Lord of the Rot. Nergal knows this, as does his followers. Because time is their ally, the devotees of Nergal are usually slow to react, but when they do come together to harvest the crops of a dying mankind, they do so in unspeakable orgies of filth and death. Followers of this dark lord command their subdued minions to carry out their orders and inflict the world with the diseases. As the world suffers, Lord Nergal gains insight of evolution of all that is and with this knowledge lord himself is able to guide his followers to evolutionary apex.


Command: nergal

Creators: Merc

Maximum level: 20

Joining requirements:

Background must be evil religious
Alignment must be evil
Must be maximum level in The Disciples of Chaos


Disallows joining to the following guilds:

Legions of the Blood God
Followers of the Scorpion
Slaves of the BeastmasterBearers of the True Rot/sinfo


Spread the rot, infect the world with your diseases, mutate yourself to gain power, and enthrall the creatures of the world to do your bidding. There is no one path to power as a Nergal rather several approaches can be undertaken. Do you want a fierce pet to fight by your side? Or do you want to focus on improving your body and mutating yourself beyond recognition into a fighting machine? Nergals pay a price for this power. Maintaining connections with your parasites strains your body and lessens your magical potential.

The guild features a skill tree [1] in which you spend evolution points in one of three focus areas, Disease, Minions, or Stats. Diseases are spread by your minions and can cause one of four effects. Minions can be tanks, off tanks, or casters and the minion tree enhances these roles and allows you to control more minions up to a maximum of three at a time. The stats tree focuses on improving your body and regenerative capabilities.

Reputation comes in the form of four skills, one for each focus area, Immunology, Conduit of the hive, and Morphology, which are trainable skills that require rep to train and Evolutionary apex that raises automatically with rep.

For a more complete guide talk to the Legates in the guild hall and read Porkzar's excellent Nergal 101 Guide [2]





Daily Tasks/Missions and Council

Talent Trees

Chaotic Acts