Dag Dag Schwingenator, ruler of Magerathia

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Dag Dag stands approximately six feet and nine inches tall. He weighs about one hundred, seventy five pounds. He has short, brown hair and blue eyes. He is a Pisces and enjoys killing, raping, and mutilating. His outfit today consists of a long, translucent sword which glistens oh so fabulously in the light. Trailing behind him is his cape, made of pure mink, absolutely divine. The center piece of this magnificent ensemble is his choice of a hand-stitched, leather muscle shirt. A bit on the eccentric side, his plaid kilt finishes off this bizarre, yet humble wardrobe.
Dag Dag Schwingenator's equipment:

Cloak: Sorcil's Cloak

Torso: leather muscle shirt

Wielded in right hand: Crystal Sword <red glow>

Both legs: Scotsman's Kilt

Spells: anti magic field, dispel magical protection, field of fear, destroy weapon, destroy armour, forget, psychic purge, paralyze, force absorption, psychic crush
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Temple of Magerathia
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: human
Exp worth: 1.127m
Other info: Likes to talk on party channel:

Dag Dag {party}: I think it's time I introduced you to my friend pain.

Dag Dag {party}: You poor pathetic fools have no chance.

Dag Dag {party}: You have greatly underestimated my power.

Dag Dag {party}: I don't know how you made it this far, but this is the end of the line!

Dag Dag {party}: Get ready to feel my wrath.

Dag Dag {party}: SILENCE!! No talking in my room!

Dag Dag {party}: Stop talking and fight you asshole!

Dag Dag {party}: If I were you, I'd run away as fast as you can.

Dag Dag {party}: Are you ready to meet the reaper?

Dag Dag {party}: [player]'s mother gives good head!

Dag Dag {party}: Shut up!

Dag Dag {party}: Hey, a funny thing happened to me on my way to your mother's house.

Dag Dag {party}: What the fuck kind of party name is '[party name]'?

Dag Dag {party}: This is your last warning, leave now or die!

PAP: 66 days