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Some monsters in BatMUD are protected for being killed too many times by certain group and in overall, thus having a "rapeprot", a common nickname for abuse protection.

Although there is variation on how the actual abuse prevention is implemented, one thing is quite generally common among them: When having the so called rapeprot up and looking at the monster, after its description there is a line saying 'This monster looks somehow familiar...'. In that case you should inform the party that you have the prot and you should leave the party as soon as possible.

If monster is being damaged by a party that has a member who has abuse protection up, usually the monsters' items become "flawed", which means that they have at least halved stats. Depending on the implementation they might also disintegrate to dust, or just in some other way make the trip not worthwhile.

It is possible to check your personal active abuse protections in game via mobprot command.

Below is presented an (incomplete) list of NPCs and other things that have either personal, global or both kind of abuse protections.

Special cases

Monster name Personal prot Global prot Notes
Trilloch's vault ~2 weeks? - -
Trilloch's Zoo 10 days? - -

NPCs with abuse protection

Short desc Name Personal Global
A HUGE nightmare, a black and spiky form with burning eyes Huge nightmare yes
A beautiful and tall woman with hair the color of pale gold Felidae 60 days
A breathtakingly beautiful sylph enchantress Enchantress 7 days
A darkly brooding drow fighter sits here. Kelnozz 5 days
A filthy robed skaven performing a strange ritual Plague monk 14 days
A ghostly drow warrior is looking for someone. (undead) Drow ghost 7 days
A gorgeous looking woman clad in shadows Shelaste Shadowwalker 8 days
A high priestess of Esachen, protector of stability Alexandra 90 days
A hulking beast full of sound and fury, on all fours Beast 7 days
A large cobalt green dragon with a forked tail Sironebel 5 days
A man clad in black silk smiling at you in arrogant manner Tenji 72 days
A small black and blue demon with huge cranium Demon enslaver 7 days
A tall, armoured drow bodyguard stands here. Praixor 14 days
A towering demon, swathed in black Osenseida, Demon Shogun 21 days
A woman clad in black silk glaring at you in hostile manner Akemi 72 days
An ENORMOUS goshawk is sitting on the edge of the nest looking ravenous Goshawk 7 days
An armoured drow woman traces her fingers over the map. Lady Zilvra 14 days
Aniengo the colourful and happy fairy dragon Aniengo the fairy dragon 7 days
Apocalypse, the world crushing demon Apocalypse 10 days
Araas, the beautiful Queen of Ice Ice queen 60 days
Arthas, the Paladin Master of the Highest Justice Arthas 20 days
Dag Dag Schwingenator, ruler of Magerathia Dag Dag Schwingenator 66 days
Dr. Livingstone, the famous zoologist and explorer Livingstone 14 days
Eidilon, the almighty archangel of goodness (holy aura) Eidilon 30 days
Fiona the brownie nun (very sad) Fiona 28 days
Golux, the master conjurer of slime Golux, the master conjurer of slime 16 days
Grimoor, Lord of Ultimate Chaos Grimoor 7 days
Henry Amberley, defender of the Amberleys Henry 30 days Absolute global prot (read: undoable) for couple days. Also hits harder and does more specials if killed recently.
Ista, the defiant, rebellious lord of chaos Ista
Jane, the Goddess Jane 18 days
Kitiara the Dragon highlord Kitiara 24 days
Krakenclaw the Mighty God of Thunder Krakenclaw 7-8 days
Kraxthrax, commander of the orcish horde Kraxthrax 15 days
Lear Rotth, the undead lord superior, infuriated beyond comprehension (undead) Lear Rotth Instantly kills before 4 months, gives extra age (and possibly hits harder?) for 2 more months WARNING : see other info.
Lesser demon of draen-dalar Demon of draen-dalar ~5 weeks
Lord Necorp, the leech Mindcrafter Lord Necorp 60 days
Lord Wainamoinen, the chief bard of Kalevala and protector of the universe Wainamoinen 14 days
Merelix the white druid Merelix 90 day
Miss April, the priestess of Loraen April 1d
Mokele Membee, the last dinosaur Mokele Membee 60 days
Moratar Cain the diabolic Archlich (undead) Moratar Cain 22 days
Moreod, the master vampire, stands majestetically in black velvet robes (undead) Moreod yes
Nithem the Lich, skeletal figure in blood red robes (undead) Nithem the Lich 14 days
Noble soldier of Faerwon guarding the convent gate Gatekeeper 3 months Aggressive for 2 months after killed
Ntein the twin brother of Derov (possessed) (undead) Ntein 3 days (??I got no mobprot after killing)
Prince Masoj, head of house Hlaund, stands here Prince Masoj 14 days
Raztax, the Almighty demon is crushing you to bits Raztax, the Demon one week
Reanimated body hosting the ancient Witch-king (undead) Witch-king yes
Rechendak, the Elementalist, Lord of the Cloud and the Giants Rechendak, the Elementalist 30 days
Sable Bladetree, lord high ranger Sable Yes
Serrawyn Olardomos the Patriarch of Calythien Serrawyn Olardomos 2 months
Shade of Mithrandir the Druid GuildMaster Shade Wields shield after a week after killed
Sister Alysia the Inquisitor of Las Sister Alysia the Inquisitor of Las 180 days Wears eq again after random time after killed.
Sister Valentina the Chosen of Saints Sister Valentina yes
Skie the Blue Dragon looks lazily at you Skie 60 days
Tall human in a black suit Melog 7 days
The ancient elemental Wyrm called Stifsim Stifsim 120 days Hits harder if killed recently
The black reaver is here searching for his prey Black Reaver 15 days
Tom Bombadil is here feeding birds and bunnies. Tom Bombadil 14 days
Trilloch Haz-gon the grey Elf Trilloch 4 months
Tyranicus Karakurt the king of the lizard men Tyranicus Karakurt 30 days
Umegord Cadelannon the Warrior King of Calythien Umegord Cadelannon 2 months
Wiespe the lecherous vampire (undead) Wiespe 28 days
Zoraya Zoraya 15 days
Zyll, Supreme Master of Ndoki and Sorcerer Extraordinarie Zyll 30 days

See list of NPCs with abuse protection.