Crystal Sword

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Crystal Sword <red glow>
The blade of this beautifully crafted longsword is made of solid, light blue crystal. The blade is double edged and razor sharp. The hilt is made of ivory, with small crystal inlays carved into little skulls. Small writing can be seen on the handle.
Weapon type: longsword
Stats: +hit, +dam, +psionic damage, +psionic resistance & +special
It looks A bit heavy (3.870 kg)
Sacvalue: varies (changes at boot?)
It is called Crystal Sword and identified as 'sword', 'crystalsword', 'crystal sword' and 'longsword'
Made of crystal
Size: Missing size
Quality: perfect
From: Dag Dag Schwingenator, Magerathia
Compares between: Spider sabre and Blunt blade of Quickness
Other info: 'activate sword' for invisibility