Mace of high templar

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Mace of high templar <red glow>
This weapon is so beautiful that you immediately connect it to dwarven blacksmiths. It is made of shiny bluish metal and there is a saying inscribed on the handle of the weapon. It says 'Death before dishonor.' It is one of the slogans of the Templars of Faerwon. They don't like non believer's having one of their holy weapons in their possession.
Weapon type: battle mace
Stats: +dam, +magical damage
It looks Heavy (9.119 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.36m
It is called Missing handles
Made of adamantium
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Old Templar guild master(s) Note: Ungettable at the moment
Compares between: The brutal Maul named 'Grolth' and an orcish claymore named 'Troll-tongue'
Other info: Has been ungettable since Templar guild was revised in somewhere around ~2002-2004 and the old guild msater mobs were removed in the process.