Necklace of unearthly might

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A dark round necklace with intricate carvings. It feels deadly cold to touch. It is clearly made by some evil individual and radiates an aura of death. However, you can feel that it also contains great magic inside, waiting to serve it's wearer.
Armour type: necklace
Stats: +5 dam, +3% attack, -3 con, -3 hpr
It looks Very light weight (0.360 kg)
Sacvalue: 763k - 780k
It is called might necklace and identified as 'necklace of might', 'a necklace', 'necklace of unearthly might' and 'necklace'.
It takes the following slot: Neck
Made of: darksteel
Size: extremely small
Quality: poor
From: Moreod, Caverns of Undying