Razor-sharp shortsword

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Razor-sharp shortsword <red glow>
This short, deadly-looking sword is made from high-quality steel, honed to a razor-sharp edge and tipped with a wicked point. It looks more like a long knife than a short sword. Further, the grip has an impression for the thumb both at the top (standard) and bottom, as if the maker intended the sword to be held upside-down, for stabbing downwards.

There is a small iron bump that sticks out of the pommel. You might be able to pull it.

Weapon type: short sword
Stats: +x% backstab & stores lock pick.
It looks A bit heavy (3.317 kg)
Sacvalue: 245k
It is called sword and identified as 'razor sword', 'sharp shortsword', 'shortsword', 'steel shortsword', 'short' and 'sword'
Made of steel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: exceptional
From: Trilloch's Zoo
Compares between: the Necroblade / the sabre 'green death' and spark, the claw of fire / athame of severing