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List of spells and their corresponding reagent sorted by type
Type Spell Reagent
Acid acid shield stone cube
acid blast handful of olivine powder
acid storm pair of interlocked bloodstone rings
Asphyxiation aura of wind tiny leather bag (empty)
blast vacuum bronze marble
vacuum globe small brass fan
Cold frost shield grey fur triangle
cold ray steel arrowhead
hailstorm handful of onyx gravel
Electricity lightning shield small iron rod
electrocution small piece of electrum wire
lightning storm cluster of tungsten wires
Fire flame shield small glass cone
lava blast granite sphere
lava storm blue cobalt cup (empty)
Magical repulsor aura quartz prism
golden arrow copper rod
magic eruption tiny platinum hammer
Physical armour of aether small highsteel disc
Poison shield of detoxification tiny amethyst crystal
summon carnal spores silvery bark chip (made from mallorn)
killing cloud ebony tube

Reagents, aka regsut, are used to cast strongest mage spells. They have three power levels: poor, standard and power. Using a poor reagent makes the spell use more spell points, standard using the normal amount and power ones reduce the cost by 10%.

Cheapest way to get reagents is to buy them directly from their makers, merchants. Reagent exchanges are for less personal service and also bit more expensive. You can also rarely find reagent pouches filled with reagents from NPCs.

Easiest way to handle and save numerous reagents is by using a reagent pouch.

The type of reagent needed is also specified in each spell's help.

Reagent handling

  • store <reagent> in <pouch>
  • transfer <number> <reagent> from <this pouch> to <that pouch> [take <power level>]
  • extract <reagent> from <pouch> [take <power/standard/poor>]
  • set_default_reagent <pouch> to <power/standard/poor>