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Resurrect info from help file
No saving throw
Spell duration: 15 rounds
Type of spell: Neutral
Affecting stats:
Cast type: special
Spell point cost: 262 -
Spell words: missing spell words
A more advanced technique used to return life to a dead body, is to resurrect it. This is more involved then simply raising the soul, and therefore, brings back much more of the soul intact from the planes of hell. The downfall is that it is also more testing on the physical body. Care must always be taken not to overdraw on the body's strength and vitality, or the results may not be what is expected.
List of things that enhance or grant access to this spell:

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  • You lose ~50% of carried exp and will have reduced stats (so called death effects or deathstats) for next ~2-15mins. The actual amount of exp lost varies a bit depending mostly on the casters wisdom and possibly spell percentage as well.
  • The actual spellpoint cost of this spell is base cost + target player's level.