Rod of life and death

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rod of life and death
This thick white rod is made from smooth alabaster, and it has no runes or other markings on its length. One end of the rod is capped by a black sphere, which also has no markings. It seems too small and fragile to be an effective weapon, but it may have other uses.
Armour type: rod
Stats: +invoke raise dead / resurrect / deaths door
It looks Light weight (1.315 kg)
Sacvalue: 5k
It is called rod and identified as 'rod', 'white rod', 'black and white rod' and 'rod of life and death'.
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: alabaster
Size: Missing size
Quality: superb
From: Trilloch's vault
Other info: Limited usages per day, requires the spell in question, 30min reload time, works from inventory. Shortdesc before identify is white rod with a black tip.

It can 'invoke' the following spells: Raise dead 5x/day, Deaths door 3x/day and Resurrect 3x/day

Syntax: invoke <spell>
       invoke <spell> at <target>

Obviously, it won't work for everybody.