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Name exp area
A Dark Skeleton with flaming red eyes (undead) 9.2 - 15k Katvil Village
A Gray Slaad-Lord is hopping around here (undead) 31k Zonni's swamps
A HUGE 50-foot Purple Worm... RUN! 200k Mountain dwarves‎
A HUGE charging pitbull (undead) 3.6k Castle Brantis
A begging ghost (undead) 0.4k - 0.5k Ocp west
A big mangey black dog (undead) 39k Hell's dojo
A big watchdog guarding something (undead) 15k - 23k Prison complex in Shadowkeep
A big white ghost of a dog (undead) 35k Kharim guild
A black skulled skeleton, playing cards on the table (undead) ~10k in decent tune Horn-Durath
A black slaad is hopping here malevolently (undead) 11k Zonni's swamps
A black wraith hovering above the ground (undead) 19k - 32k Caverns of Undying
A bleeding corpse staggering towards you (undead) 17k - 22k Black reaver section in Misty Forest
A blue skulled skeleton, playing cards on the table (undead) 4.1k - 11k Horn-Durath
A bodak (undead) 103k Caverns of Undying
A bony guard commander (undead) 63k Kharim guild
A boyish lamp-ghoul (glowing) (undead) 1.3k - 1.5k Ocp west
A cheerful robin, singing a song 190 Public gardens
A corpse animated by evil (undead) 12k Caverns of Chaos
A corrupted chaotic warlord (undead) 69k Caverns of Chaos
A crying poltergeist (undead) 19 - 30k Ruins of El Deagnoh
A dancing spectre (undead) 30k Ruins of El Deagnoh
A dark figure of a knight enveloped by darkness (undead) 501k - 787k Caverns of Chaos
A dark ghost (undead) 1k The riddle of the colours
A dark shade of a corrupted paladin (undead) 92k Caverns of Chaos
A dark wraith hovering above the ground (undead) 30k - 45k Caverns of Undying
A dead lover who wants your flesh (undead) 7.1k Unholy Cathedral
A deadly skullheaded warrior (undead) 30k Caverns of Chaos
A death orb comes flying at you (undead) 50k Unholy Cathedral
A decurion of Kharim's legion (undead) 71k Kharim guild
A demonic wraith emits evil magic (undead) 108k Pyramid
A diabolical skeletal minion of Kech is standing here (undead) 6.5k Ancient tower
A drunk paladin with a broken neck (undead) 3.7k - 6.1k Ocp west
A dryad druid, tending the plants 30k Forest of moonrind
A dryad druid matriarch, praying quietly Forest of moonrind
A dryad warrior, weeping for the forest 10k Forest of moonrind
A faithful skeleton fighter is guarding here (undead) 41k - 54k Ancient tower
A fat mummy (undead) 52k Pyramid
A ferocious wight is looking for souls to steal (undead) 53k - 106k Halls of the Dead
A fierce demon minion (undead) 29k Caverns of Chaos
A flaming spectre embracing fire (undead) 36k Caverns of Chaos
A flying vroodla (undead) 4.2k Temple of Sarku
A former occupant hovers here. (undead) 5.9k Slum Apartment at Rilynt'tar
A foul mummy (undead) 30k Pyramid
A foul zombie stumbles mindlessly in the caverns (undead) 2.0k - 7.8k ( - 28k, probably turbo) Caverns of Undying
A four-armed skeleton coated in black gore stands here wailing (undead) 134k Drow tower
A fragile skeleton (undead) 11k - 12k Pyramid
A furious legionary (undead) 19k Kharim guild
A gargantuan slime-lizard sits here with bulbous belly, burping belligentrily (undead) ~1m Zonni's swamps
A gaunt figure in black robes, a necromancer 130k - 162k Faerie forest
A ghastly ghost haunting the graveyard (undead) Bigeaul
A ghost hovers here (undead) 200 (aggro version 6500) Whirlpool
A ghost of a dwarf miner (undead) - (doesn't leave a kill) Misty Forest
A ghost of a woman (undead) Village of Stouby
A ghostly drow warrior is guarding the vault. (undead) 13k - 19k Drow tower
A ghoul minion of the dragon is looking leprous (undead) 45k Horsehead mountain
A ghoul wanders aimlessly around the caverns (undead) 4.7k - 7.5k Caverns of Undying
A giant mollo (undead) 296k Taiga
A gigantic disgusting worm is slithering here (undead) 6.2k - 18k Temple of Sarku
A gnome, going around and studying everything 1k Temple of the winds
A great lich, spreading its profanity (undead) Hack
A great lich exuding a black aura (undead) 118k Caverns of Chaos
A guardian-lizard stands here, trying to look impressive (undead) 34k Zonni's swamps
A guardian Mrur (undead) 5.9k - 7.4k Temple of Sarku
A guardian Skeleton Warrior (undead) 57k - 75k Castle Firefox
A guardian spectre (undead) 54k Ruins of El Deagnoh
A guardian spirit 6k Temple of the twisted prophecies
A handsome young vampire clad in crimson robes (undead) 24k - 47k Caverns of Undying
A hanged body drooling black blood (undead) 20k Caverns of Chaos
A happy phantom 6k-8k (fights as 3k) School of Lumine
A hell sent bodak (undead) 174k Caverns of Undying
A hideous ghoul-like undead creature (undead) 91k - 131k Trilloch's zoo
A hideous mummy which has its eyes ripped out is lurking here (undead) couple k Horn-Durath
A horned, 4-armed barsoomian devil, Natas (undead) 147k - 180k Cartwheel
A horrible ghost floats ahead (undead) 25k Lonely mountain
A horrible looking Mummy is rotting here (undead) 63k Reaver's catacombs
A horrible wailing banshee is here (undead) 64k - 76k Castle Firefox
A horrible zombie, its claws trying to rip your face off (undead) few k Horn-Durath
A horrific golem of screaming corpses (undead) 163k - 223k Caverns of Chaos
A huge, glowing white bear stands here (undead) Rothikgen
A huge bat-shaped shadow (undead) 154k Trilloch's zoo
A huge golem out of putrid flesh (undead) 89k - 131k Caverns of Chaos
A huge vampire, guarding the throne room (undead) Beaumont Hamel
A human male wearing ragged peasant clothing (undead) 81k - 94k (a lot exp) Wildspace
A hunting dog (undead) 2.1k Drawbridge
A large dog called 'Rakki' (undead) 172k Taiga
A large mummy, summoned by Akira 4k The realm of Kara-Tur
A large old guardian of the vault (undead) 104k Caverns of Chaos
A large phoenix (undead) 225k Taiga
A lich is rotting on the floor here (undead) 25k Drawbridge
A lich king (unholy) (undead) 49k Forest in the Valley
A living skeleton (undead) 25k Castle of Toxic
A lost little girl cradles herself slowly (undead) 5k Millie's nightmare
A lost soul 19k - 22k Brotherhood of Sorcery (area)
A lost spectre pines to go to the everafter. (undead) 28k Halls of the Dead
A mad and frightening vandal (undead) Kharim guild
A major lich (undead) 64k The Lost Pyramid
A malign spirit ~4k Anaconda Ruins
A mean looking man 3k Doobie's
A mighty archmummy glowing black (undead) 128k Pyramid
A mighty archmummy glowing red (undead) 107k Pyramid
A mighty archmummy glowing yellow (undead) 157k Pyramid
A mighty knight of darkness (undead) 158k Land of the Overworld
A minion of Axidia tries to steal your soul (undead) 171k Halls of the Dead
A minor lich (undead) Pyramid
A minor skeleton (undead) 14k Halls of the Dead
A moldering, drunken zombie (undead) 3.9k Ocp west
A multicolored apparition makes your pants wet (undead) 26k Lonely mountain
A mummified cat called Kis-kis (undead) 51k Valley of the Kings
A mummy, red eyes staring back at you (undead) few k Horn-Durath
A mummy (undead) 11k Soy
A mummy (undead) 18k The Lost Pyramid
A mummy shaped like a draconian (undead) 83k - 177k Trilloch's zoo
A mutilated zombie, rotting quite rapidly (undead) few k Horn-Durath
A nasty demon who wants your blood (undead) 13k - 46k Land of the Overworld
A nasty dragolich known as 'Tulareg' (undead) 309k Valley of the Kings
A nosferatu (undead) 17k Soy
A paladin's ghost, standing in attention (undead) 104k Faerie forest
A pale, shabbily-dressed humanoid (undead) Mirror Mine
A pale figure in worn and torn robes (undead) 18k Millie's nightmare
A phantom beast (undead) 14k Pyramid
A phantom warrior (undead) 40k The Lost Pyramid
A poltergeist, lurking in the shadows (undead) 10k Brotherhood of Sorcery (area)
A powerful dryad warrior, weeping for the forest 15k Forest of moonrind
A priest protecting the temple 10k Temple of the winds
A puddle of oily black tar (undead) 184k - 201k Savage coast
A rapid ferocious wight ready for anything (undead) 27k Caverns of Chaos
A red skulled skeleton, playing cards on the table (undead) 4k Horn-Durath
A roaming skeleton warrior is here. 4.6k - 21k Drawbridge
A robust, ghastly weaponsmith (undead) 4.5k - 18k Ocp west
A roguish adventurer, Mauses the accused twinslayer (undead) 30 - 55k Horn-Durath
A rotten ghoul moves here restlessly (undead) 4k Horn-Durath
A rotten zombie (undead) 9.3k - 10k Pyramid
A rotten zombie stumbles mindlessly in the caverns (undead) 5.3k Caverns of Undying
A rotting zombie, worms eating its face (undead) few k Horn-Durath
A rotting zombie (undad) 11k - 13k Black reaver section in Misty Forest
A royal mummy leers evilly (undead) 39k - 72k Pyramid
A scaled medusa with a paralyzing gaze (undead) 502k Pyramid
A scary ghost (undead) 9.4k Plura's
A servant shining shields here. 3k Mythical valley
A silent wraith (undead) Hack
A singing ghost (undead) 25k Ruins of El Deagnoh
A skeletal drake guarding the crypt (undead) 112k - 163k Millie's nightmare
A skeletal warrior driven mad by the maze (undead) 13k Zorn
A skeletal warrior in rusting armour (undead) 8k Wildspace
A skeletal warrior wandering the maze (undead) Zorn
A skeleton (undead) 3.0k - 3.7k Brotherhood of Sorcery (area)
A skeleton butler (undead) Horsehead mountain
A skeleton guard (undead) 6.7k (smallest version, see 'other'-field), 10k (medium version), 69k (bigger version, which may have been a turbo however, need to verify -Nuane 00:36, 16 March 2012 (EET)) Darkwood
A skeleton in dented armour roams here aimlessly (undead) 30k Millie's nightmare
A skeleton in the closet. (undead) 2.8k - 3.5k Drawbridge
A skeleton in the closet (undead) 3.1k Drawbridge
A skeleton looking for life to destroy (undead) Caverns of Undying
A skeleton patrolling the caverns (undead) Caverns of Undying
A skeleton sitting on the throne (undead) Mythical valley
A skeleton soldier guarding the caverns (undead) 26k Caverns of Chaos
A skeleton warlord wanders here, red light flickering in his empty eyes (undead) 129k - 163k Millie's nightmare
A skeleton warrior (undead) 14k - 20k Pyramid
A skeleton warrior (undead) (Darkwood) 7.1k Darkwood
A skeleton warrior rampaging towards you (undead) 61k Caverns of Chaos
A skeleton warrior stalking his prey without emotion (undead) 160k Forest of the moon
A skeleton with a skull of steel stands here (undead) 98k Caverns of Chaos
A skeleton worker tending to the corpses (undead) 45k Caverns of Chaos
A skinny ghost of norrfolk (undead) 243k Taiga
A skinny small rat (undead) 213 Plakhstan
A slender seductive vampire (undead) Hack
A slightly larger orc warrior, slashing through the underbrush 10k Forest of moonrind
A slightly larger orc warrior, stomping around 10k Forest of moonrind
A slimy amoeba Valley of the Kings
A slithering group of moving limbs (undead) 38k Caverns of Chaos
A stiff mummy (undead) 41k Pyramid
A stinking fighter, hungry for your blood (undead) few k Horn-Durath
A strange ball of glowing light known as the 'Will o' the wisp' (undead) Horsehead mountain
A tall and pale mercenary stands here, clad in dark battlegear (undead) 65k - 67k Millie's nightmare
A tall skeleton stands here in ceremonial battlegear (undead) 45k Millie's nightmare
A ten foot zombie is confused about its powers (undead) 5.8k - 18k Castle Brantis
A terrible ghost is wandering through the cavers (undead) 16k - 21k Caverns of Undying
A tortured soul seeking rest (undead) Caverns of Chaos
A tragic looking ghost hovers here. (undead) 7.8k Drawbridge
A translucent being with a suffering face (undead) 12k Valley of the Kings
A troll skeleton (undead) Hack
A turbo zombie summoned by Kech (undead) 81k - 127k Ancient tower
A ugly lich king summoned by Inra (undead) 92k Horsehead mountain
A valiant knight is kneeling in the water, staring at the ceiling (undead) 26k - 32k Doobie's
A vampire lord risen from the grave (undead) 92k - 131k Pyramid
A very sad king just killed the murderous thieves 55k - 66k Doobie's
A vicious dark figure with a gleeming white aura (undead) 690 - 903 Brimshire
A wailing banshee guarding the pit (undead) 144k Halls of the Dead
A wandering corpse is looking for flesh (undead) 28k Teywaer Graveyard
A wandering ghost (undead) 2.2k Plura's
A warrior skeleton with flaming skull hunting for intruders (undead) 30k - 66k Black reaver section in Misty Forest
A wicked skeleton (undead) 7k Pyramid
A wight, seeking mortal souls to devour (undead) 8.5k - 26k Caverns of Undying
A wounded bodak (undead) 31k - 58k Caverns of Undying
A wraith in the shape of a man is lurking in the shadows (undead) 35k - 40k Plura's
A zombie, covered in small yellow flowers (undead) 57k Butterfly farm
A zombie wanders around here (undead) 5.6k - 6k Brotherhood of Sorcery (area)
Aggressive shadow-like being (undead) 39k - 44k Well
Amazon ghost (undead) 60k Black reaver section in Misty Forest
Amazon mummy (undead) 33k - 73k Misty Forest
Amrun the DEMONIC lich, leader of the undead hordes of Moratar Cain (undead) ~500k Necropolis
An aged guard 8k Mythical valley
An aggressive guardian lich (undead) 39k Prison complex in Shadowkeep
An aggressive legionary (undead) 23k Kharim guild
An ancient lich stares at you with hatred (undead) 1430k Tower of Corabandor
An ancient shade of the first armourer (undead) 145k - 153k Ocp west
An ancient zombie clerk (undead) 3.1k Ocp west
An angry legionary (undead) 37k Kharim guild
An appalling ghoul roams in the caverns (undead) 9.9k Caverns of Undying
An arch lich, here to bestow you your death (undead) Hack
An arch lich, shrouded by dusk (undead) Hack
An eerie soul of Rakuss, the ancient saint (undead) 42k Temple of the twisted prophecies
An emperor lich putting you to your grave (undead) 313k Caverns of Chaos
An enormous golem of bones (undead) 149k - 190k Caverns of Chaos
An evil-looking demon summoned from 5th plane of HELL (undead) 98k - 102k Cathedral of Dr. Kilrathi
An evil lich (undead) 23k Pyramid
An immense armoured form veiled in shadows, a nazgul (undead) Hack
An immense bone dragon risen from the dead (undead) 53k King Eowyn's Land
An inheritor lich with red glowing eye sockets (undead) 164k Savage Coast (actually Melkior's ship)
An ogre mercenary, hunting dryad druids 35k Forest of moonrind
An ogre skeleton (undead) Hack
An old, dead, useless guard (undead) 4.5k - 5.6k Ocp west
An old defender of the Amberley family (undead) 167 Brimshire
An old hag sitting on a metal bucket 45k Taiga
An old mummy (undead) 26k Dark Forest
An old oracle 11k Mythical valley
An old weak ghost crying. (undead) 1.6k Plakhstan
An orc boss, resting before next assault 40k Forest of moonrind
An orc warrior, grinning wickedly 5k Forest of moonrind
An orc warrior, hunting dryads 5k Forest of moonrind
An ugly smelly corpse of an altarboy (undead) 6.7k - 11k Unholy Cathedral
An undead dog (undead) 2.4k Brotherhood of Sorcery (area)
An undead skeleton ~1.8k Digga's Domain
Ancient skeleton guarding the entrance (undead) 17k Abandoned Valley
Arathrua the bone dragon is leeching the world from power (undead) 505k Horsehead mountain
Araudagul the Vampire Lord is a true Warlock (undead) 475k Necropolis
Armour-clad humanoid (undead) Mirror mine
Armourer (lawful) 24k The realm of Kara-Tur
Arrakas the demilich is here to freeze you (undead) 67k Lonely mountain
Baal-Naygash (undead) ~1m Kutanakor
Blacksmith (lawful) 32k The realm of Kara-Tur
Broth, an old and wise dwarf 8k Mythical valley
Broxanaut, the Duzel's Senior Guard Master (undead) 153k - 196k Duzelton
Bruthakas, the leader zombie of the cellar (undead) 367k Kender mansion
Bzatah, the psionlich (undead) Horn-Durath
Conflagahep, the Lich Queen (undead) Mirror Mine
Dead priestess of Tarmalen (undead) 89k Pauper's
Death's child wants to kill you (undead) 4k - 15k (Have seen 30k, 150k versions) Unholy Cathedral
Death incarnate, the dread (undead) 56k - 77k Horsehead mountain
Death knight dressed in armour of an ancient form (undead) 41k Horsehead mountain
Despite being a dead zombie, this jailer watches his post. (undead) 2.5k - 6.4k Drawbridge
Dirty power Mummy created by Inra (undead) 227k - 282k Horsehead mountain
Doctor Oso, the catfolk alchemist ~71k Coffee Forest
Drerax the dirty vampire 192k - 243k Horsehead mountain
Dreugh (undead) Old convent
Ekrochei, optio of chaos (undead) 193k Kharim guild
Emul Rul, the captain of the guard (undead) 14k Lands of Lor
Ewige Blumencraft the Lich Clone (undead) Nex to church in Arelium at time of Invasion'07 event
Fergus the Majestic (undead) 102k - 110k The valley of silence
Flick, the thief 12k Mythical valley
G'naa'Byeh, the fallen demon Emperor of the Twilight (undead) ~1m Small meadow
Ghost of Go-Player (undead) 3.0k - 3.9k Ocp west
Gohet the gravedigger (undead) 25k Abandoned village
Grandion, the HUGE black demon is the main servant of Moratar Cain (undead) 540k Necropolis
Grandpa Bill haunting the cellar (undead) 8.4k Goblin farm
Grell, the dwarf, standing here by himself 7k Mythical valley
Groga the Daemon captain of Chaos (undead) Old convent
Groll the Undead Overlord of Daemon troops (undead) 759k Old convent
Gullervo Wiertane is looking majestic Batcity (HC)
High Lord Kevin has risen from the grave (undead) 149k - 168k Guards gap
Horned fiend tearing corpses (undead) 130k Old convent
Horrible skeleton mage (undead) 179k - 257k Misty Forest
Ix'ixixiblat the Taguethic, the skeletal Elder Dragon (undead) ~1m Northwestern Laenor
Jacobi, the vampire lord of Berul (undead) 146k - 177k Dunamor
Kevin, the bartender 11k Simon's hut
Kilsek, the drow lich (undead) 122k - 143k Perin's
Krafrar leader of the village guard (possessed) (undead) 132k Abandoned village
Krenshibon the ancient black Dracolich (undead) 634k Necropolis
Kunak the ancient templar of the church of Calythien (undead) 413k Calythien
Lady Amalthea, staring at the sea 10k Midnight Carnival
Lady of the lake (undead) 15k Taiga
Large hunting dog (undead) 5.8k Drawbridge
Lear Rotth, the undead lord superior, infuriated beyond comprehension (undead) 1078k Caverns of Chaos
Leo the Archmummy (undead) 28k - 39k Ocp west
Lilian, ghost of amazon princess (undead) 105k - 127k Misty Forest
Limas Tondh, still at work in the caboose (undead) 58k Shipwreck
Living dead vampire (undead) 45k Trilloch's zoo
Lord Soth the Death Knight (undead) ~1m Flying Citadel
Lord Viona, the ancient warmonger (undead) 224k Kharim guild
Lygoa, the vampire stands here (undead) 66614 Goddess garden
Malicaw The Bloody (undead) 303k Merri's first expansion in Caverns of Undying
Marrow the bone golem is standing motionless here 303k - 420k Ancient tower
Max, the Gray magician 15k-20k Mythical valley
Moonrind the ancient ent, swaying in anger Forest of moonrind
Moratar Cain the diabolic Archlich (undead) ~1m Necropolis
Moreod, the master vampire, stands majestetically in black velvet robes (undead) 1093k Caverns of Undying
Mumm-Rah, the devoted wolfman mummy guard (undead) 130k - 150k Underwater cave in Valley of the Kings
Mumm-y-ion, the grim mummy guard (undead) 74k Pyramid in Valley of the Kings
Myrier, the former High-Priest of Brimshire (undead) 315k - 431k Brimshire
Nithem the Lich, skeletal figure in blood red robes (undead) 1.31m Secret location in Lucentium
Ntein the twin brother of Derov (possessed) (undead) 250k Abandoned village
Old man standing here, minding his own business 8k Mythical valley
One of the followers from the old temple (undead) 14k - 26k Atlantis (area)
Powerful Zombies notice you and prepare to attack! (undead) 0.6k - 3.0k Castle Brantis
Prince Lir defending Lady Amalthea 30k Midnight Carnival
Ramnamir the HUGE bone golem is filling up the furnaces (undead) 503k Necropolis
Red Wu gen, mage of the inner circle 51k The realm of Kara-Tur
Sadisto, the Death Knight Warrior of Krystanimith (undead) 233k Castle Firefox
Saelli, the false lord of the underworld (undead) 518k - 604k Taiga
Saku working his way through procurement requests (undead) Beaumont Hamel
Samuel Hooyeah, yelling at his staff (undead) 237k - 290k Beaumont Hamel
Satan's claw is lurking in the shadows (undead) 13k Unholy Cathedral
Satan's slave is looking to kill your party (undead) 11k Unholy Cathedral
Schmendrick the Magician 25k Midnight Carnival
Shagtor, the demon (undead) 164 - 187k House Kilsek in Perin's
Shangutr the young, orc chief Forest of moonrind
Sherah the Lich former nun (undead) Tyr Farwyn
Shybil, the evil witch 12k Mythical valley
Sid the Anarchist (undead) 222k Land of Anarchy
Silvio, skeleton of the mayors bodyguard (undead) 44k Rendburg
Sir Gerald (undead) 50-80k Ruins of El Deagnoh
Sir Valdemar (undead) 50k Ruins of El Deagnoh
Skeletal knight riding a bone horse (undead) 107k Trilloch's zoo
Skeleton, hunting for food (undead) 51567 Goddess garden
Skeleton berserker is yearning for battle (undead) 26k Millie's nightmare
Skeleton of a DRAGON looking for something to chew (undead) 140k - 183k Black reaver section in Misty Forest
Skeleton of a luckless adventurer (undead) 41k Zorn
Skeleton warrior (undead) 89420 Goddess garden
Spectral knight (undead) 11 - 13k Lands of Lor
Spirit of Domgroth, mighty and furious (undead) 550k - 654k Domgroth's mansion
Thadd, the dwarf 6k Mythical valley
The Demilich Ogaitnas Iuqnarf (undead) Brotherhood of Sorcery (area)
The Evil Knight of Light and Thunder looms above you (undead) 306k Ndoki
The banshee spectre of Napoleon von Huber assaults you (undead) 388501 Hugoville
The disgusting mummy of her royal highness, queen Mu-Mme (undead) 211k Valley of the Kings
The gangrene grocer (undead) 11k - 21k Ocp west
The ghost of Augustus (undead) 76k - 95k Ruins of El Deagnoh
The ghostly form of a minotaur (undead) 188k - 228k Trilloch's zoo
The gorgeous mummy of queen Sel-Eh-Naa (undead) 280k Underwater cave in Valley of the Kings
The headless Pope wants your blood 75k - 81k Unholy Cathedral
The immortal spiritform of King Thutmose III (undead) Valley of the Kings
The large muscular bartender stands behind the bar (undead) 87k Club Sarnath in Arelium
The mummified body of King Thutmose III (undead) Valley of the Kings
The phantom of Nydrom (undead) 158k-229k Abandoned house
The rotting body of Brother Maerius Zedek (undead) ~1m Tinmen monastery
The rotting corpse of her royal highness, queen Te-Mme (undead) 98k Valley of the Kings
The rotting corpse of his royal highness, king Bu-Mme (undead) 125k Valley of the Kings
The royal bastard (undead) 53k Ruins of El Deagnoh
The spirit of Azer Singh, shackled in the prison (undead) 112k Shipwreck
The spirit of Jarl Hammerfelt, former ruler of Hammerhorn (undead) Lanzia
The spirit of Kourish Singh, the thirteenth ruler of the Clan (undead) 540k - 617k Shipwreck
The spirit of a loyal guardsman of the clan Singh (undead) 90k - 95k Shipwreck
The spirit of a soldier of the clan Singh is repairing something here (undead) 46k Shipwreck
The spirit of a watchman of the clan Singh, patrolling the bridge (undead) Shipwreck
The spirit of the endless sorrow (undead) 1.10M Valley of the Kings
The vampire wizard Soy (undead) 166k Soy
The wight of Dentirion (evil) (undead) 100k Ruins of Unta'r Trinit
The wraith of Atefi (undead) 166k Abandoned house
The zombie of ex-mayor of Rendburg is here planing his return 70k Rendburg
This old witch is Satan's slut (undead) 9.7k - 13k Unholy Cathedral
Three headed daemon hound (undead) 135k Old convent
Threumathuran, the deathlich (undead) Horn-Durath
Thulanic, the gatelich (undead) Horn-Durath
Tiburcio, the Great Magus (undead) 567k-755k Tiburcio's tower
Tino the skeleton butler (undead) ~3k Tiburcio's tower
Undead nun covered in blood (undead) 17k Old convent
Undead nun haunting the mortal men (undead) 496k - 689k Old convent
Undead vault guardian (undead) 249020 (with unidle exp bonus) Domgroth's mansion
Undertaker's assistant golem is here taking care of the business 2431 fight like 100k Abandoned village
Uruthmatium, the darklich (undead) Horn-Durath
Vampire mistress craving for blood (undead) 129k - 246k Old convent
Varne, the vampire (undead) 79k Brotherhood of Sorcery (area)
Vraal, the evil wight (undead) 60k Drawbridge
Wandering wight lusting after your life force (undead) 36k - 42k Black reaver section in Misty Forest
Warl Su, the jailed samurai The realm of Kara-Tur
Warlock of Xzui performing dark rituals (undead) 168k Old convent
Well-dressed skeleton (undead) 3k Rilynt'tar
Wellamo is petting her dog (undead) 243k - 276k Taiga
Wiespe the lecherous vampire (undead) 954k - 999k Faerie forest
Wight of a city guard protecting the city (undead) 122461 Slopes of Blackteeth mountains
Witchfinder 13k Mythical valley
Yarxz the mad lich lord screams for blood (undead) 132k Pyramid
Zombie-cop (undead) 0.3k - 3.5k Ocp west
Zyaq Qzendai dark worshipper of Teutonic (undead) 302k Old convent