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Messages from 'pray' (~worst to best).
You feel that your prayers are ignored.
You feel like you have offended the gods somehow.
You hear the rumble of distant thunder.
You sense a feeling of mild discontent.
Clouds part and a ray of light shines down on the altar.
You feel relaxed.
A warm feeling spreads around your body.
A weary voice echoes in your mind 'nice to see.. an old friend.
You raise your eyes to the sky as celestial wind flows through you.
You burst out in tears as feeling of sudden happiness overwhelms you.

Each race has its own shrine. You can sacrifice items there to please the gods or pray to see your standing among gods. Sacrificing and praying more often than twice/8h is a bad idea. All sacrifice effects last for the boot unless otherwise mentioned.

Benefits gained from 'sacrificing'
Message Effect
Nothing happens. Seen with as high as 1680k sac's.
The statue is bathed in golden light. +luck
The gods smile upon you, you feel great. +luck
You notice a trace of gold in the statue. +luck
You feel completely rejuvenated. Hps, Sps & Eps to max.
You feel fiiine. Randomly hp, sp or epmax. (randoms some, 20-80 or so) [see discussion]
You feel healthier. Unpain. Comparable to that of a Tarmalen.
You feel like you could cheat death. +Avoid death
You feel like you could see anything. See invisible, infravision & see magic.
You feel somehow different. +few points (~1-5?) of one or all stats
You feel strong-minded. Unstun. Comparable to that of a Tarmalen.
You feel your mental powers restoring faster. +little spr
You feel your mind racing. +10 spr
You feel your wounds healing more quickly. +little hpr
You grow a bit. +2-5 size
You suddenly feel light weighted. Water walking
You feel extremely light. Floating
Your mind suddenly feels a lot clearer. +10% exprate
You feel different. +spmax (~+50)
Whoa! You feel GREAT! +hpmax, spmax and epmax (around ~100 points, randoms some)
You feel your strength returning faster. +Epr(?)
You feel like having a bite of a good carcass. Eat corpses
Your heart beats faster. Fast metabolism
You feel your mind expanding. +5% spells
You feel more than fully recovered. Eps to over epmax.
You feel like you could run a thousand miles.  ?
You feel your health returning.  ?
Your sacrifice is consumed by red flames.  ?