Soul Ripper, the jet black katana

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Soul Ripper, the jet black katana <red glow>
This katana is the legendary weapon of Akira that kept him alive for many thousands of years. It is a normal sized blade, about three feet in length. Looking at, you can tell that is in an extremely old weapon, but is still in perfect shape. It is made of some strange black metal that is very cold to the touch. It has the name "Soul Ripper" etched into the blade. It is rumored that one can rip souls from corpses; this may be how the katana kept Akira alive--but no one has lived long enough to tell about it.
Weapon type: Katana
Stats: gives youth
It looks Heavy (9,7 kg)
Sacvalue: 336k
It is called Soul Ripper and identified as 'katana', 'soul ripper' and 'jet black katana'
Made of quicksilver
Size: somewhat small
Quality: flawed
From: Akira, The realm of Kara-Tur
Compares between: Sword of Mists / Claymore of Guts and Leitbur blade / Surchek / Seryok / Dragonthorn / Deadly silver katana
Other info: Rip souls from corpses to gain youth, takes one to twelve seconds.

Start is a private echo: You stick Soul Ripper into the corpse and start sucking the soul from it.

End is a global echo: <player> sucks the soul from a corpse, then glows for a minute.