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  1. (Thomas' booming voice!)
  2. +int/+mastery of channelling held item
  3. +wis/+mastery of runemagery belt
  4. 16 edged hard leather whip tipped with highsteel razorblades
  5. A Bat, carrying messages
  6. A BatMUD moose
  7. A Beholder (the costume)
  8. A Big Error
  9. A Black dragon
  10. A Brave Paladin hiding behind a box
  11. A Bright Red Fire Dragon is flaming the air here
  12. A Camberian regards you suspiciously
  13. A Captain in the Crimson Brigade, training recruits
  14. A Captain of the Guards stands here barking orders
  15. A Cleric is performing a small ceremony
  16. A Cloak Enshrouded Figure Blocks the Stairway
  17. A Clone of Overlord Brantis
  18. A Crazed Chicken is wandering around aimlessly
  19. A Crimson Guard stands viscously here
  20. A Dark Skeleton with flaming red eyes (undead)
  21. A Dragon Helm
  22. A Dragonskin Breastplate
  23. A Drow Guard Captain watching you closely
  24. A Drow Warrior waiting here to ambush intruders
  25. A Fairy Princess of far away lands is crying here
  26. A Famous Historian
  27. A Father womp rat eyeing you carefully
  28. A Fireguard Elite is here, guarding the castle
  29. A Fireguard Elite is here, manning the battlements
  30. A Fireguard Elite is here, posted to the gate house
  31. A Fireguard is here, ready to protect the castle
  32. A GIANT drider killing all in its path
  33. A GIGANTIC green snapdragon is ready to pummel you!
  34. A GIGANTIC scorpion is here
  35. A German shepherd dog lies in front of the fireplace
  36. A Golden Helm
  37. A Gray Slaad-Lord is hopping around here (undead)
  38. A Green Dragon is here protecting the Catacombs
  39. A Growler shimmering in the darkness
  40. A Guard dressed in white armour is blocking the staircase
  41. A HUGE 50-foot Purple Worm... RUN!
  42. A HUGE Fire Giant guards here
  43. A HUGE and deadly scorpion dreadnaut
  44. A HUGE black dragon hurls fire in the darkness
  45. A HUGE charging pitbull (undead)
  46. A HUGE lizardman torturer is here, attacking YOU
  47. A HUGE minotaur is looking for adventurers to eat
  48. A HUGE nightmare, a black and spiky form with burning eyes
  49. A HUGE red squirrel, guarding the clearing
  50. A HUGE slimy lizardlike fiend growls and attacks you!

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