Sword of wonders

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Sword of wonders <fiercely {damage type}><red glow>
This is the legendary sword of wonders. Some say it is cursed, some say it is blessed, but all that is certain is that it is strange. The blade is five feet long and made of green crystal. The hilt is made of red crystal and the pommel is an octagonal dull grey gemstone.

The pommel - there is something weird about it.

Weapon type: bastard sword
Stats: Turn pommel right/left to change the damage type while suffering 10-25 points of damage of the same type. When wielding it you get echo "The sword begins to gather energy for wonders!" after you gain 1 HP but loose 50 from sp and ep max. That point on, while wielding it, you will get "The sword of wonders vibrates faintly." personal echos every ~2 minutes that change the stats of the weapon. These stats can be as much of +100 to hp, sp and ep max in total or as much as -100 penalty to sp or ep max or any combination betwean. These effects are lost after a while after removing the sword. Very rarely the sword can banish the user with personal echo of "Static fills the air around you!", "Electricity crackles through the air" or similar.
It looks Light weight (2.0 kg)
Sacvalue: -
It is called wondersword and identified as 'bastard', 'sword', 'crystal great sword', 'blade', 'crystal blade', 'great sword', 'greatsword', 'sword of wonders', 'wondersword', 'wonder sword' and 'wonder'
Made of laen
Size: somewhat small
Quality: exceptional
From: Black Reaver, Misty Forest
Compares between: Sword of Mists and a leitbur blade