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Use this template when adding Areas.

Copy & Paste

{{ Area
| aka = 
| aka#
| description = 
| continent = 
| location = 
| X = 
| Y = 
| JX = 
| JY = 
| WE = 
| difficulty = 
| coder = 
| coder#
| size = 
| special = 
| map = 
| history = 
| other
| closed


Use the name given to area that is seen trough the feature whereami as article name.

Fields & Instructions how to fill 'em. Fields in italics should be removed if not used.
aka  : Is the area known by some other name(s)?
description  : General information about the area.
continent  : On which continent the area is located at?
location  : Where is the area located on the continent, described verbally?
X  : The X coordinate seen through whereami
Y  : The Y coordinate seen through whereami
Jeskko's X cordinate  : The X coordinate of the area on Jeskko's map
Jeskko's Y cordinate  : The Y coordinate of the area on Jeskko's map
Wizard Eye  : Copy & paste output from wizard eye or map-command from (main) entrance
difficulty  : Can you solo at the area? How big party you need?
coder  : Who created the area originally?
converter  : Who, if anyone, converted the area?
size  : How many rooms of explore can you get from the area?
special  : If the area has a special explore rooms, how many?
map  : Fill with a map of the area. No spoilers though; do not include sections behind secrets.
history  : If there is notable history about the area, use this field to write about it.
closed  : If the area is closed, fill this field with anything.
other  : If any other important information, use this field to share it.