The MacDuff longsword

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the MacDuff longsword <red glow>
This longsword seems to be quite well forged. It has no decorations on it but it definetely is a sharp one.
It contains a tale;
Let's be hurnst here, fuck. They just divvn't maak longswords like this anny fuckin' more. Ol' MacDuff sure kneew where ter get the best murny kin buy!
Weapon type: Longsword
Stats: None
It looks Heavy (4.519 kg)
Sacvalue: 51.8k - 75.2k
It is called MacDuff longsword and identified as 'longsword' and 'macduff longsword'
Made of highsteel
Size: Missing size
Quality: poor
From: Angus MacDuff, Shadowkeep
Compares between: Araas' blade and Drow Lord's Axe