Homing spear

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homing spear <red glow>
This long spear is made from a sizeable cedar pole topped with a narrow highsteel blade with slightly rounded edges. As polearms go, this one looks relatively lightweight, and should strike with enhanced accuracy. Someone has carved words into the haft near the butt end of the spear: HOME AGAIN HOME AGAIN
Weapon type: glaive
Stats: +invoke teleport without error
It looks A bit heavy (2.739 kg)
Sacvalue: 638k
It is called homing spear, long spear, spear, highsteel spear, cedar spear, cedar glaive, glaive, cedar long spear
Made of 15% highsteel, 85% cedar
Size: medium-sized
Quality: exceptional
From: Trilloch's zoo
Compares between: The fierce halberd called 'Mauler' and frosty three bladed halberd