The gleaming Paingiver axe

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the gleaming Paingiver axe <red glow>
This magnificent piece of weaponry is made of one huge piece of metal and has been decorated with mystical carvings made of gold, platinum and mystical starmetal. The carvings are obviously ancient and undecipherable, but emanate an aura of power as the strange and horrific spells of chaos writhe under the weapon's surface just yearning to be unleashed.

The Paingiver's runes are glowing eerily: [____________________]
It contains a tale;
Long, long time ago, in a place far, far away a wise and immensely powerful archwizard managed to forge a lasting friendship with a young moondragon of chaotic alignment. The two companions went on to have many weird and wonderful adventures, now known only through the mists of legend. From one of their adventures they gained an axe of surpassing power ... whatever happened afterwards is not known, but the Paingiver axe, as it is known now, has endured to this day. Sages of times past whisper, that the weapon was capable of occasionally mimicking the skills of its wielder. One legend also tells that at the height of their adventures, the pair was often seen performing a ritual of 'hoppling' around this weapon. Yet another story mentions that the most powerful of the weapons can answer to a given 'name', bestowed by their owners.

Weapon type: great axe
Stats: Missing stats
It looks Very very heavy (26 kg)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called Paingiver and identified as 'paingiver', 'axe', 'gleaming paingiver axe', 'gleaming axe' and 'great'
Made of batium
Size: medium-sized
Quality: good
From: Kizarwexius, Lonely mountain
Compares between: A Zhentorian Death Glaive and Mace of the Barbarian Lords
Other info: This is the newest version of Paingiver, first dropped from the Kizarwexius killed on September 2nd 2012. For the old version(s) of the weapon, see: The Paingiver axe. First mortal player to get to 10th (final) reputation level with the new Paingiver axe was Zerks. Compare listed is with 0 rep. At max rep it compares at (4) below Stormfall, the infernal double-edged axe of the Dawning Twilight.