The Paingiver axe

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The Paingiver axe <caustic> <red glow>
This magnificent piece of hardware is made of one huge piece of metal and has been decorated with carvings made of gold and platinum. Spells of chaos writhe under its surface just yearning to be unleashed.
Weapon type: great axe
Stats: +acid damage, +dam
It looks Very very heavy (24.2 kg)
Sacvalue: 3827k
It is called Missing handles
Made of batium
Size: smallish
Quality: sterling
From: Kizarwexius, Lonely mountain Note: Ungettable at the moment
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: This info is for the older of the two(?) versions that share the same short description. The axe used to be battleaxe for ages, but they were changed to great axes at some point, thus all Paingivers in the game are great axes now. The second newest(?) version (from ~2011-2012) compared much better than the older ones and possibly had some other differences as well (pending verification). For the newest version, see: the gleaming Paingiver axe.

hcbat version is a very hard hitting 37kg great axe, very close in damage to Vorpal Blade.