A blood angel's cutlass

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a blood angel's cutlass <red glow>
Every blood angel's acquire a weapon as a sign that their training is complete. Only the master knows where to seek them, but most people have guessed that they're created deep in the drow mines of Kazadam. They are made of darksteel and deadly poison drips from them.
Weapon type: cutlass
Stats: +poison damage
It looks A bit heavy (~3.6 kg)
Sacvalue: 181k
It is called Blood Angel's cutlass and identified as 'cutlass' and 'blood angel's cutlass'.
Made of darksteel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: good
From: One of the blood angels in Felidae's fortress in Renardy
Compares between: Cutlass of Cold / spider dagger / razor-sharp shortsword and Golden jeweled dagger / red laen cutlass / blade of trust