An electrified sky-glass short sword

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an electrified sky-glass short sword (glowing) <shocking> <red glow>
It is a short sword made of processed fulgurite, a form of glass, also known as sky-glass, because of its forming process. Its blade is sharp, really sharp, sharper than you thought possible for any glass item. Its hilt, also made of glass, is ground to a matte surface which you can grip easily even with sweaty palms. The blade has a noticeable yellow tint in it. Strange, violet runes can be seen on the blade. They look ancient, for you don't know the language or even the alphabet used in them. Maybe because of these runes a menacing aura of electricity surrounds the blade, but it is hard to tell for sure.
Weapon type: short sword
Stats: +slightly damage
It looks A bit heavy (3.936 kg)
Sacvalue: 996k
It is called 'short sword', 'sword', 'sky-glass sword', 'sky-glass short sword', 'electrified sword', 'electrified sky-glass sword', 'electrified sky-glass short sword' and 'short'
Made of glass
Size: somewhat small
Quality: divine
From: bead shop
Compares between: The sword of law and the snow white Blade of Quickness