Hook-shaped polearm

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Hook-shaped polearm <red glow>
This weapon is actually very simple in construction. The haft is oak, just under three meters long, and stained dark brown. The blade is a razor-sharp, single-edged blade, the bladed edge curving inwards to make roughly a sixth of a circle. For its size, the weapon is heavy and looks quite formidable.
Weapon type: voulge
Stats: At least two versions:
  • +5% mangle & +1? dam
  • the other version has no stats and compares worse
It looks Heavy (7.0 kg)
Sacvalue: 745k - 770k (dam/mangle version)
It is called hook-shaped polearm and identified as 'polearm', 'curved polearm' and 'voulge'.'
Made of 49% oak and 51% adamantium
Size: medium-sized
Quality: sterling
From: Praixor, Drow tower
Compares between: the snow white Blade of Quickness and The fierce halberd called 'Mauler'
Other info: other version is four ranks worse in compare.